1. E

    Cycling Survey Under 10 Mins, PLS HELP <3

    Please help me gain a better understanding of local cyclists’ behaviors and perceptions of cycling. Please take this anonymous survey! It should take less than 10 minutes and your feedback is greatly appreciated :) https://csufull.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1SlOva8hQk9uHEW
  2. P

    Wheel upgrade advice

    Wanted some advice on upgrading my wheels. I’m still riding my tarmac sl2 comp because I absolutely still love it but I’m looking to upgrade my wheels from the stock Fulcrum Racing 6. The bike is a 10 speed, rim break and I weight about 200lbs. I ride mostly flats with moderate cross winds but...
  3. O

    Adviced on - road bike carbon tubeless wheels for rim brakes

    Hello, I am new to this Forum and currently ride a 2014 Giant Defy Advanced road bike, but am wanting recommendations on upgrading my wheels to carbon tubeless, but am not too sure what I should order as they mention disc brakes, but I have the rubber, rim brakes. Any suggestions greatly...
  4. B

    Slick tires on hybrid

    hello all, very new here so please take it easy on me... I bought a trek soho 2007 off ebay two years ago, hybrid bike, was great for getting me into cycling. I use it for riding with the family with my little one on the back in a bike seat, and for trying to get fitness in, max ride so far...
  5. G

    Advice for new mtb wheelset

    Hi Bikers, Today I want to ask You a suggestion about new wheelset I found that I would like to buy. Noxon Nitro XC Wheelset http://www.noxonbike.com/eng/project/noxon-nitro/ I like because theme are really light and have wide rims. Theme are also hookless and asymmetrical rims design. The...
  6. A

    Road wheelset for under 300

    I'm looking for some aluminum clincher wheelsets for under 300 supposedly around 250. I was looking at this one http://m.ebay.com/itm/281331016132 It's used and looks pretty nice but I searched up online and couldn't find this particular wheel. Most of the fulcrum racing 7's are around 150 and...
  7. Kat3Kev

    Protecting your wheels

    Hey everyone, I am doing a little market study for a product that I am developing for cycling wheels. I have created a quick, 5 question survey, to gain some insights into this market. With my previous business I skipped this step and it cost me big time. I am an avid cyclist as well so I know...
  8. T

    Help! anything to say about opus belladonna 1.0??

    Hello there I've never written for advice on bikes before but I'm considering buying a 2012 Opus Belladonna 1.0 for $575 and haven't really found tons of information about the brand. I can see its from Montreal and have been around for about 10 years. Putting my feelers out there for anyone...
  9. Bigbananabike

    Fulcrum wheels Freehub?

    I've got a set of Fulcrum 7s on my Campy equiped 'rello. If I bought some Fulcrum 5s (there are a good used set on an auction here) will the freehub change over as this set has a Shimano freehub?
  10. JimmyBubble

    Chinese carbon (wheels)

    I know everyone's gawked at 'em on either EBay or Alibabba... Anyone purchased directly from the East? If so, who was the buyer? I'm talking the 50mm, bladed spoke, radial front, Novotec hubs 23 width all carbon wheels that are out there. I know a guy who's ordering them 5 sets per order and has...
  11. quenya

    Aero wheels question...

    So... I fancy myself a strong time trialist and am looking for advice on bang for the buck in aero wheels. I use a wheelbuilder aero jacket cover on my rear (powertap) wheel. I am about to get a 40 mm front wheel (set actually) to use for training and racing. In TTs I've used a 27mm 18 spoke...
  12. B

    Roval Wheels

    Hi all, I have a chance to get some Roval aero wheels. I did some research on the net about them. People say they were ahead of there time and a good wheel set, but I need to know if they would be good for me a 245 pound rider. I want to use them as my wheels (i.e. these would be the wheels on...
  13. G

    Mavic Cosmic carbon

    Can anyone help ? I own a set of Mavic cosmic carbon wheels for Campag 9speed. I've got myself a new frame and have started to collect components. I got a 10speed derailieur, as that's that I want to run. What is the solution to convert from 9speed cassette over to 10speed cassette ? Do you...