Advice on new racing wheels


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Dec 1, 2014
Hey all,

So I've been cycling for the past eight years, but have really started to get serious recently. Over the summer a local club let me join, and I ended up racing with cat 1's and 2's and by the end of the summer was consistently getting top three. I'm looking to get a pair of race wheels for my bike, and I was wondering what you would suggest.

I'm primarily a climber and can't sprint particularly well. I weigh 71kg, my current 5/20 minute power is 430/363 (mind you the only one I actually tried on was the 20 minute one) I currently ride a Cannondale Supersix Evo with Dura-ace 11spd. I'm using Mavic Ksyrium SLS clinchers for training and racing currently. Just looking for something lighter, more aerodynamic etc just for racing. The Ksyriums are more than good enough for training. Open to both clinchers and tubulars.

Budget is $2,000 or less.

So far the one thing that has caught my attention are the Firestone Zipp 202's either clincher or tubular. I have a feeling that if I'm just racing on them I should go tubular but I would appreciate advice.



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Dec 2, 2014
hello Dekkars there are so many wheels for those who want to go fast uphill but an advice to you are the wheels Campagnolo Ultra Two Hyperion. look at these that are below your budget

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