Are Rolf Wheels still on the market?


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Jan 24, 2002
Following some digging on Rolf Wheels the questions begs...

My conspiracy theory:
Rolf Dietrich (Rolf Wheel Design Owner) and Trek had some connection.
The connection was broken and suddenly all Trek bikes come with Bontrager wheelsets instead of Rolf. The Bontrager wheelsets match the Rolf's almost perfectly - I think Trek bought the patent rights, scuttled Rolf and now use ex Rolf technology to make Bontragers (and save money by not paying Rolf his royalty fee).

The Bontrager selection (Race X-lite carbon, Race X-lite, Lite and Select) matches the old Rolf selection (Vector Pro Carbon, Vector Pro, Vector Comp and Comp). This includes paired spoke technology, bladed spokes on the better models and normal (round) spokes on the cheaper wheels.

Does anyone have any info? All of us Rolf owners are a bit nervous.....
In the 'comparison' field on the Bontrager website - you can only compare Bontragers to conventional wheels and Rolfs....hmmmm.
So it looks like the end of the road for Rolf wheels.....

Trak are doing Bontrager and Rolf Dietrich is doing his on line.

Poor news for all the Rolf owners around the world!
???A week ago I did some research on rolf it is so that rolf and trek broke up but it seems that rolf is going to go on without trek (if I saw right) here is a link to rolf's 2002 prototipes ???
Very interesting, indeed. And we all thought that it was the end of Rolf. Hows that front 10-spoke proto? Less than half a kg!
Not sure I'd ride a 10 spoke carbon wheel!

Thoughts of shattered carbon and fountains of spokes anywhere near my legs scares the bejeesus out of me!