Best MTB disc hubs for cyclocross?


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Aug 17, 2008
Guys, what are the best MTB disc hubs for cyclocross use (not singletrack). I want to run Avis BB7 ROAD brakes with 6 bolt 160mm rotors (also is it possible to use the centerlock Shimano hubs - or are 6 bolt versions required)? I am a fairly heavy guy 220# and don't want to be rebuilding the hubs regularly. I would there to be cheap replacement freehub body parts available though. I am coming from road, and have no experience with the MTB lines. The pre-built disc wheels come with a dizzying number of hub specs! Of these what are people finding are the best option: Shimano XT FH-M756 (older standard w/ 18 clicks) Shimano XT FH-M770 - 36 clicks Shimano XT FH-M775 - 36 clicks Shimano SLX FH-M665 - 32 clicks Shimano SLX FH-M667 - 32 clicks Shimano SLX FH-M629 - 32 clicks Shimano FH-M529 - 16 clicks Shimano FH-M590 - 16 clicks Shimano FH-M595] - 16 clicks (I could care less about # of POE clicks since these are for cyclocross use only). I am leaning towards trying to find wheels that use the Shimano XT FH-M756, since they seem to have a reputation for reliability where the newer FH-M770/5 seem to have issues (especially for heavier riders).
Shimano has an ISO 6-bolt to Centerlock adapter which allows the use of "standard" rotors on Centerlock hubs ....

My observation is that Centerlock hubs are lighter than ISO hubs (undoubtedly because there is less material) ...

Changing rotors can be faster with a Centerlock hub because there is only the single lockring instead of 6 bolts. THAT's not so important for us plain folk, but probably a really good thing for team mechanics.

BTW. If you've got the coin AND need a lighter hub, then DT SWISS hubs are worth looking at.