Best tape for carbon frame?


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Sep 7, 2007

I am working on a Di2 build and I need to tape down the wires (my frame is not Di2 compatible with internal cable routing, etc). The kit did not come with any adhesive strips, so I need to find something. I have used black electrical tape for things in the past. It leaves a bit of a gummy residue on the frame, but not too bad.

Anything other tape or frame adhesives out there? Thanks


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Sep 12, 2005
If you do use electrician's tape, get the best...3M Super 33 or Super 88.

I prefer the thinner vinyl tape by Gardner-Bender in a color to match the paint color it is applied over or a contrasting color. Menard's carry G-B tapes and the adhesion is pretty good.

Zip ties still work best in some areas of the routing IMO.

You can also use the self-adhesive, semi-permanent wire routing these:

Those are from Panduit. They are available from multiple companies in a wide range of sizes and colors for single or multiple wire runs and are made in sizes to accommodate most smaller wire gauges. A local or online hobby shop would be a good place to look for them as the RC plane and helo crowd use them in their builds.