Blackburn Atom SL 6.0 computer


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Jan 11, 2009
generic Blackburn reviews will give you an idea of that brand also, i think i had a pump from them once,
the specifications of the unit are quite appealing, the wireless rear wheel action means that you get input even on a indoor trainer,


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Nov 29, 2011
Ya, Blackburn generally makes quality stuff. I've had a Blackburn hand pump for 15 years and it's every bit as good as new.

I think these days the electronics are pretty simple, so it's more a matter of materials, construction and features. Cateye, Sigma, Specialized, Vetta, Filzer, Garmin and Polar all seem well reviewed and of good quality. I had an old Vetta C-10 for almost 12 years before it crapped out, more because the wires finally came loose. The Filzer dBL4W on my mountain bike has been totally trouble free for years.

I'm pretty much sold on the Cateye Sigma wireless, but having an altimeter and cadence for nearly the same price is quite attractive. Maybe I'll just end up getting a Blackburn and submiting my own review!


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Dec 20, 2014
Here's my review! When working, this is a great product, However, Has issues with signal strength from sensors. My cad and spd sensor are well within the 40" range and they only work intermittently. This is very frustrating when trying to train within cadence zones or when measuring the distance of a ride. I have reset the ID as per the instruction manual but the problem still remains. Further more I've just been on to the warranty information of the BlackBurn website to discover they wont honour their life time warranty. "Blackburn is not able to receive or ship product outside of the United States; we cannot be responsible for products ordered from US dealers and shipped to another country. Service through the original seller may be available, if the local distributor is unable to assist." Poor product and poor service, I'd recommending looking for alternatives.