Calculating Max Heart Rate


New Member
Aug 31, 2005
I'm new to this and noticed that max heart rate is often based on age. Considering the extremes in fitness levels, can this be accurate?

Is there a more individualized way to calculate max heart rate? If so, do tell.:)
The best way to find your max HR is to get a HR monitor and get a really good warmup and slowly just start going harder and harder until you absolutely cannot go any harder. That's how I do it.
I find that running will push my HR far further than any cycling I have ever done...I have done CC races and was a Downhiller for a few years...We used to train pretty darn hard. I can always get more beats per minute out of a run...

I can hit maybe 185 pedalling my noodle off on the bike but can easily spike into the high 190's running...That's a significant difference to me.