Cycling in south Spain - June or July?


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Jan 28, 2013

Me and my partner are planning to cycle along the coastline of Spain from Cadiz to Valencia. Since it is our first cycle trip ever we are not sure whether to go in June or July in terms of weather/climate. I will be very grateful if someone who has cycled near the coast in the summer, advise me which month is better – June or July? Which is the drier of the two as we’d like to choose a dry month with minimum chances of rain? Also, which is better in terms of temperature and winds? We are used to hot weather but 40 degrees is certainly not very suitable for cycling and another issue are the winds – are they quite strong near the sea?

Thank you very much for your help. Any advice is appreciated.



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Mar 3, 2013
Hi, I live in the Cadiz area of Spain.
I cycle weekly in this area and from past experience you need to give July and August a miss unless you intend to ride early mornings as temperatures can reach 40c although coastal breezes can make it feel cooler.
As for the wind you cannot tell from day to day, especially on the Costa de la Luz coast where you can get very strong winds from Africa, that can increase the temperature.
In general from May to September you are going to get very little rain, although this is not a guarantee but not enough to stop your ride.
The roads are generally a good standard, I ride all year round on road and mountain bike. The MTB trails are awesome with great scenery.
You have a long ride ahead of you if you go through with your planned ride, "so jealous".
If you need a more info please ask