distances and workouts -- single speed vs. geared

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    Mar 26, 2007
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    good morning,
    i've noticed various refernces to distances covered in this and other forums, and have two ( probably dumb ) questions.
    1) is it a given that for the same level of effort / energy spent, the distance travelled on a geared cycle would be higher than on my type of single speed cycle?
    my mates and myself have opted for single speed cycles, we cycle some 13.5 km each morning in approx. 44 minutes. we've never had any experiences with geared bikes, although we're thinking of up-grading to such bikes after a few months.
    2) we are doing this to have a good workout each morning, and decided early on that single speed, non-geared cycles give you a healthier workout than a geared cycle would be able to. correct, or totally wrong ??!!!
    thanks in advance for the responses.