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    I am a entry level kinda guy basically getting into cycling as a way of aerobic and lower body muscle training. I am looking for a bike that will last for about this initial period while I train before getting into the Hi-Fi self assembled varieties. I am about 172cms (5ft 10) and have a shorter torso... (me legs are long and skinny). Could you guys recommend a bike for me. Also Is there a way of measuring myself so that I can choose a frame size

    As of now I am seriously looking at buying the following

    Manufacturer: Schwinn
    Model: `01 Super Sport GLX
    Year: 2001
    Size: Large 
    Color: Blue 
    Head angle: 73º
    Seat angle: 73º
    Top tube length: 21.85"

    Chainstay length: 16.5"
    Wheelbase: 39.1" 
    Brakes: Shimano 105
    Cassette: Shimano 105
    Crank Set: Shimano 105 Triple
    Grips: Tape
    Handlebar: 3T THE
    Headset: Tange Seiki Passage
    Hubs: Velomax Circuit Comp
    Kinesis Carbon Fiber
    Frame: 7005 Aluminum
    Front Derailleur: Shimano 105
    Pedals: Shimano SPD-M515
    Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105

    Rims: Velomax Circuit Comp
    Seat: Selle Italia XO Trans Am
    Seatpost: Kalloy
    Shifters: Shimano 105 STI
    Stem: Alloy
    Tires: Michelin Axial Sport


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    Krackman - No, the Large frame is to big for you. The best way to find the correct frame size is to go and measure you at the local cycle shop. But my guess is : you'll fit on a 52 cm or a "small" frame size (giant frame). I'll try and find that site to help you setup the bike.
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    Easiest way to setup the bike (picture by picture)

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    Thanks Pothole for the heads up. I will get to the bike shop and get measured. The website for bike setup was very useful.

    BTW which bikes are better "Treks, Giants or Schwinns" for more rough roads. There are quite a few potholes in the area I live and roads have cracks in them. Also Are there lower end versions of the Trek OCLVs.

    Is it cheaper to assemble bikes or buy them off the shelf at a shop?

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    Apparently, Trek OCLVs don't have a cheaper line. They do sell an aluminum version though.

    The Giant's are, IMO, the best bang for the buck bike in your list. Check out Slowtwitch.com for their review of this line of bikes.

    You seem to be inclined to choosing among sloping frames. don't limit your choices to those, you could be missing al lot :)