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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Alex Graham, Mar 21, 2003.

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  1. Alex Graham

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  2. They can be a bit tricky to get on, as they have a mind of their own. Other than that, no
  3. Pete Biggs

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    Alex Graham wrote:
    > I was thinking of buying some Michelin performer 25mm folding tyres. The internal width of my rim
    > is 17mm. Will this work? Is there any disadvantage in a folding tyre?

    The fact that it's folding is largely irrelvant here - they're just a bit more floppy when fitting,
    otherwise no disadvantage. Depending on the models and batches of tyre and rim, some folders are an
    easy fit, some not; just as some rigid tyres fit easier than others.

    The Performer happens to use fibre glass beads instead of the usual more flexible kevlar and the
    casing is quite substantial, so they're sort of inbetween typical folders and rigids.

    I've got one of these tyres and find it fits pretty well on rims that are narrower than yours. 17mm
    is wider than optimum, but probably ok.

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