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Feb 19, 2011

I had a look on rear lights for use whilst touring (about 5 hour rides) and I had a look on some strobe lights too (not the xenon ones as I cannot find one of them for sale here or a shop that will ship one here in Greece). Apparently after reading a few reviews and forums I think that these 1 watt led lights are the way to go. The ones I checked have formed optics too. I didnt find any info on reflectors on these. No info on candella or lumens or lux performance either. I was thinking on getting one of these two:

1. The Smart Lunar R1

Seems very bright but I read a lot of reviews on how this light is not waterproof enough resulting it to malfunction. About 6 euro cheaper then the blackburn mars 4.0

2. The Blackburn Mars 4.0

Seems very bright as well, with amber side leds. The flashing mode seems to be a bit strobe-ish too /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif. It seems well built too.

Just wanted to ask, do you think that these lights are adequate for use on high-speed roads (90km/h limit) outside the city? Do you think I should look further on the optics construction? (how wide is the beam etc.) My aim from the rear light is just to be seen from the cars behind.

I am also thinking on getting a good front light too. My aim on this one is both to be seen and see a fair ammount of the road ahead. I would like to get a 15+meters of good illumination ahead. I dont want a 2-part unit (separate battery pack and light set) because I want to be able to remove the lights quickly from the bike and these systems seem to be very expensive and probably targeted towards racing use too. I also checked some HID systems but the only ones I saw where separate battery-light units. So I was thinking to get a led system. I was thinking on one of these lights:

1. Cateye el-530

Seems very well constructed but looks a bit heavy and bulky. It seems to have a low battery consumption. It also seems to be waterproof enough. On the other side the beam seems to be wide so I was worried that it might not be visible from far away. No flashing mode either /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif

2. Cateye el-520

Seems again well constructed but not waterproof. No flashing mode again. It also seem to have a more concentrated beam but less candlepower then the cateye el-530.

3. Cateye el-320

Seems well constructed again but not waterproof. Even less candlepower then the previous ones. Wide beam but with a flashing mode.

Do you think that a flashing mode is essential in order to be seen? Do you think that a concentrated beam is prefered then a wider beam for road use?

Thanks /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif


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Jan 11, 2009
for touring there are other things which should concern you more, since touring is or should be done in daylight. Maybe with terrible weather the lights could be helpful. For me, lights are essential for commuting when you will be forced to ride at night. Also for racing cyclists who sometimes have no choice but train at night,

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