FS: Edinburgh Bicycle (Revolution) Tangent - Edinburgh area


Steve Hodgson

Apologies for advertising here but when I previously enquired about
advertising bikes in edinburgh it was suggested that a single discrete ad for
a private sale would be acceptable.

I am about to upgrade my current commuting bike and the high cost requires
that I sell my current bike. The first few days after Christmas is probably
one of the worst possible times to be trying to flog a used bike.

The bike is a Revolution (Edinburgh bikes) Tangent, courier-style bike
equipped with Suntour front suspension and Shimano Deore brakes and gears
(nine speed), 20² frame. Blackburn Expedition rack, SKS mudguards and
Specialized Nimbus Armadillo tyres have been added. The bike was serviced in
November 2004 and makes an excellent commuter bike.

There is a picture online at http://www.shodgson.uklinux.net/Tangent.jpeg and
a review at http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/news/reviews/rev_tangent.html.

I am looking for around £180 but will consider any reasonable offers. Decode
the email at the bottom to contact me.



The reply-to email address is a spam trap.
Email steve 'at' shodgson 'dot' org 'dot' uk