Good Brand Of Cycling Shoe Covers

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by BobCochran, Nov 9, 2015.

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    So "Gore Bike Wear Road Overshoes" will start to tear apart after just a couple uses. Given the USD $55.00 price, they should be able to survive. Perhaps there is a reason why Nashbar sells them, and I just discovered it. Still, overshoes should survive very bad treatment. After all, they go over shoes.

    Can anyone recommend a good bootie or overshoe brand that will comfortably go over a size 11 Keen cycling shoe, without requiring feats of Herculean strength to pull them on, and will allow the use of SPD clips, and even keep water and frigid air currents at bay?

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    They all suck unless treated like ballet slippers.

    The heavy neoprene ones with soles that are both bonded and sewn with full length rear zippers tend to wear the longest for me. YMMV.

    I have a pair of discontinued Bontrashers that have held up well since 2006.

    I also found out that if I buy the covers a bit too large for the shoe the stress of pulling them on (and pulling them apart) is reduced significantly. As long as they don't rub the outer face of the crank arm, I'm good. I've used rubber bands when using them over my skinny and thin track shoes to keep the covers away from the big deal.

    The one drawback of the thick neoprene covers is the weight. After 30 miles or so on a cold day when the legs are already feeling like a 1972 Toyoda Corona running on 3 cylinders and worn rings they really start to get noticeable. Picking up the feet takes more effort and climbing can feel like a brake is dragging.

    Still...warmth, dryness and durability always comes at a price.
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    why dont you get a Gore-Tex mountain bike shoe? You said SPD right?

    You know Gore-Tex Braf? :D