Help! need new cyclocomputer...

Jeff Tatreau

New Member
Mar 21, 2022
Up until Saturday I have absolutely loved my Cateye Stealth 50. On Saturday it flew off the mount in traffic and got smashed a zillion times before I could get to it.
I have been in contact with Cateye and found out this is no longer produced, furthermore they offer nothing that does what the GL50 did!
I need cadence, speed, automatic backlight as well as the normal functions of time/distance. Also I really liked uploading my rides on Atlas and analyzing my route.
Suddenly I am no longer able to do any of this and Cateye says they do not have any product the supports Atlas anymore!!!
Need something quick, please help!
Thank You
VDO makes a good speedo and they also make one with an altimeter in it if you like to keep track of your climbing.
I like the Cateye Velos. Couple different models so you can choose the level of features you need. Basic model is under $30, IIRC. Didn't mention which you wanted, but they have both wireless and wired. Very simple easy to read interface, only one button.
also If you use lights get a wired computer like the Cateye Velo 9. If you don't use lights, get a Cateye Strada Wireless as recommended above.