Help! need new cyclocomputer...

Jeff Tatreau

New Member
Mar 21, 2022
Up until Saturday I have absolutely loved my Cateye Stealth 50. On Saturday it flew off the mount in traffic and got smashed a zillion times before I could get to it.
I have been in contact with Cateye and found out this is no longer produced, furthermore they offer nothing that does what the GL50 did!
I need cadence, speed, automatic backlight as well as the normal functions of time/distance. Also I really liked uploading my rides on Atlas and analyzing my route.
Suddenly I am no longer able to do any of this and Cateye says they do not have any product the supports Atlas anymore!!!
Need something quick, please help!
Thank You
VDO makes a good speedo and they also make one with an altimeter in it if you like to keep track of your climbing.
I like the Cateye Velos. Couple different models so you can choose the level of features you need. Basic model is under $30, IIRC. Didn't mention which you wanted, but they have both wireless and wired. Very simple easy to read interface, only one button.
also If you use lights get a wired computer like the Cateye Velo 9. If you don't use lights, get a Cateye Strada Wireless as recommended above.
Hey, in road racing, effective communication is key. Team tactics play a major role in achieving success. To minimize distractions, a wired computer like the Cateye Velo 9 is a great choice if you use lights. If you don't, the Cateye Strada Wireless is highly recommended. Happy cycling! :)
Back in 2012 I bought a Garmin edge 500 for $250. Worked fine.

XOSS for $40 in 2020. Worked well enough but sticky at times trying to download the info to strava and the XOSS app. But had an auto backlite that I like riding at night. Gradient on the screen read kind of stange.

Now using Bryton320 a for $100 (next model of 340? with mapping but I don't us it for another $10). Really like it, does all that mid range garmin does for much less. Auto backlight and never once has it hesitated to load. Nice 3rd party connection to strava and relive, and a few others. Cool app with plenty of info I'd have to pay for on strava.

Really digging the Bryton and it's 25 hour per charge running time. I haven't done over 5 and I charge it every night before a ride. But my garmin did **** out a few times as far as battery charge.

It's interesting to hear about your experiences with different cycling GPS devices! The Garmin Edge 500 sounds like it served you well, despite the occasional battery issues. The XOSS for $40 seems like a more budget-friendly option, but the sticky downloading process could be frustrating. The Bryton 320 sounds like a great choice, especially with its affordable price and useful features like mapping and a reliable connection to Strava and other apps. The 25-hour battery life is impressive, even if you haven't had the chance to fully test it yet. It's always great to find a device that meets your needs without breaking the bank. Keep enjoying your rides and discovering new features on your Bryton! ‍♂️