help: question about Road and TRI bike selection


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Aug 6, 2003
I need some assistance from all of you omnicient bikers out there: I am in the market to buy a road or tri bike which I will use ONLY to train on, i.e. on the roads of New England (somewhat hilly-big hills) and on my trainer, and the second usage is to do triathlons. I just got fitted, and am a very small rider. I am new to road/Tri bikes in general. Based on my small size, the TRI geometry fits the best, however, I AM NOT COMFY. using aerobars with shifters on them, esp. since most of my riding is training on the road and climbing hills. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF YOU CAN, AND IF IT'S DESIRABLE TO BUY A TRI-GEOMETRY BIKE, AND PUT ROAD HANDLEBARS AND WITH THE TYPICAL SHIFTER/BREAK ON THE HANDLEBARS (JUST LIKE A ROAD BIKE?).

Is this a stupid idea?
Should I just buy a road bike and suck it up if I'm not as aero as I would be on a tri bike???

Thanks, any advice you give I"M SURE will be useful,