How much does your bike cost?

RaleighRider said:
Cars are for posers bikes are for go'sers.


Im am one of thoes people who likes to tinker and "hot rod" both cars and bikes. Im sure theres other peopl with high end bikes who love to tinker with them. i love workin on cars and i like working on bikes... saying someone is a poser is arrogant. as long as you get out and ride and have fun who cares what u have or how much u spend... it's all about having fun.
Oh heck......why not. Let me premise the following by saying it don`t matter how expensive a bike is. If it makes you happy and you spin the cranks that`s all that matters.

I have a 2001 Devinci Silverstone(company based out of Quebec) road bike. Easton Ultralite frame, 105/Ultegra, Easton CF bar and seatpost, Ritchie WCS stem, Selle Italia Turbomatic 4 saddle and Mavic Open Pro CD`s laced to Ultegra hubs.

Including the udgrades I guess I spent about $2600 CDN. I still dream of a fancier ride but I love my baby...... :D

Oh yeah.....I have an older Schwinn MTB(pre bankruptcy) that recently got a wheel, stem and saddle upgrade. The poor neglected thing.
I've had quite a few bikes over the years, but the one I ride on the road now is a track bike I bought second-hand about 8 years ago. In that time it's used up a few bits and pieces and has hit the deck on many occassions (last time was last week). The drop-outs are bent, the frame has been welded where it cracked, it's been hit by a taxi and sent into space, it's collapsed one headset and one bottom bracketset...but I love it.
Before I moved across to Miri in Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo), I was living in Kuala Lumpur. I used to go for a 75 - 100km ride on Sunday mornings with 10 to 20 other riders, all of whom rode multi-thousand dollar bikes. Riding on the flat sections was always fine, but we'd always do some decent hills along the way with 10 to 15 km climbs. Here the fixie, with it's 165mm cranks, would knock the shite out of me, but I could still manage to summit in around 5th against the multi-geared magnificents. Riding down hill for 15km on potholed roads on a fixie can be a pain in the ****, though. Everyone else is freewheeling while you're spinning flat-knacker, bouncing your cods.
Back when I used to race road & track, I could justify having the best I could afford. Now I get bugger-all time to ride, have a growing family (in Australia) and can't justify throwing $ at a bike. I love riding my crappy old track bike on the road. I still get the holeshot at traffic lights and get nearly as much pleasure from doing trackstands as I do from riding (less sweating involved).
When I started racing road back in NZ, there was a veteran who rode scratch on an old Hutchinson with mudguards and a dynamo light set. He beat the **** off most of us on our Colnago's etc. He was the one who taught me that the rider is usually more of a limiting factor than the bike.
To each their own. Be happy with whatever you've got. It's certainly nice to ride a good, light bike, but it's more important to be happy.
I use two bikes.
Pinarello (1996 Special edition) which cost me £1,400.00 and a Bianchi San Remo frame which cost me £400.00.
I added wheels, changed rear casette/chainring to suit.
In all I put in approx £1,000 to the Bianchi.

The Pinarello is steel frame with Oria tubing, ergpower shifters.
I love both bikes and they have stood by me for the past 10 years.
Mike_Rides_Red said:
I bought a Trek 1500 for $1000 a year ago and thought it was a high end bike until i went to my first race. Everyone had bikes $3000 plus and made my bike look low end to all these carbon Beauties. So how much is your bike?

My 50$ 18 year old second hand road bike is doing fine for me. I race (triathlons) it also and it beats some of those blinged out carbon jobs.

My fully rigid mtb for 600$ is also doing fine for me ... Had to upgrade back wheel fist year I had it. It ate my axles. Yes I do go off road with it.
Mike_Rides_Red said:
I bought a Trek 1500 for $1000 a year ago and thought it was a high end bike until i went to my first race. Everyone had bikes $3000 plus and made my bike look low end to all these carbon Beauties. So how much is your bike?

To much Bling will only keep you broke & neurotic, sounds like to me you have a nicer bike than the majority of us, Rember it is the man not the machine
Actually, the bike I currently ride apparently cost $3K or so, but the one I have on order (should be built & shipped within the next several weeks) is putting me out just under $1300.

I don't own the bike I currently ride. It's a Trek MTB on indefinite loan from a friend until my new Trek X500 comes in.
I spent the grand total of $20 at the pawn shop for an old sad Malvern Star :eek:

frame that was in good shape except for everything hanging off it. I replaced what i needed to to get it moving just so i could have a road bike. I was riding my Trek MTN bike for road training/fitness and it was killing me. Ive now ordered a Trek 1200 roady so that i can get some speed and loose the clanks and squeaks.

I would like to learn a bit about the older quality groupsets from the eighties as i keep entertaining the thought of really working the old frame into a full resto but one toy at a time or the wife will kill me.
$3000. Orbea Onix. Amazing all carbon everthing, Ultegra components. No need for Dur Ace... agreed. Light as a feather (16 lbs), ready to climb. And great conversion of power to forward force.

William Henry said:
hey dan i think that you better like everything about that bike because you thought that you loved the shiki but i guess that i was wrong:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Its pretty fun to upgrade.
A bit of History:

My first road bike was given to me by my neighbor and I rode it maybe 400 miles, it was a real klunker, Steel Rims, Downtube Shifters, narrow handlebars. I had my three worst crashes on that bike, the first crash was during a rainy day, I leaned into a corner and hit a patch of sand, the bike dissappered and left me on the ground. Second Crash, I was cresting a hill when the bike phantom shifted (my knee hit the shifter) I jerked forward and went over the bars. third Crash, I was just leaving my house when two of the chainring bolts popped out and the chain was thrown. I went down

My second Road Bike was a Nishiki century, it was a nice bike but just not enough for me, I put about 800 miles on it and I only fell over getting used to clipless pedals.

My Third Road bike is a Trek 1500, its a great bike and I have put about 2500 miles into it so far. I will have three wheelsets for it soon, The Stock Bonty Selects, A custom built set with cxp-22 rims and Shimano c-2200 Hubs and a nice silver pair of Rolf Vector Pro's.
Paid too damn much for bikes recently! I just bought an '05 Madone 5.9 and put Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheels on it along with FSA bars and stem. This week I just bought an Specialized S-Works Enduro. I have a massive bike fetish, I just simply love bikes!
On Tuesday, on the way in to work I bought a second-hand Claud Butler for 25 quid. A bit rusty and about 20 yrs old but very light and smooth rolling. Also it got me home on Thursday when the tubes weren't running.