Inexpensive frame repairs by Harry Havnoonian

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B. Sanders

I was surfing around trying to find somebody to add braze-ons to my titanium hardtail frame, and ran
across this website:

It's Harry Havnoonian's HH Racing Group in Media, PA. Harry offers very good prices on upgrades and
repairs for steel, aluminum and titanium frames. This might be just what many of you are looking for
if, like me, you don't have any titanium framebuilders nearby. Even if you do, I'll bet Harry's
prices are lower.

In case you haven't heard about Harry, he's a well respected framebuilder as well. If you have kids
and you want to get a road bike for them, have a look at HH's 20" and 24" road bikes. Now there's
something you don't see every day!



PS: I know I sound like a commercial; but I can't help it - I'm in marketing
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