Linden Cycles Saturday Rides


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Jan 24, 2002
Hey everybody!<br /><br />The Linden Road Racing Team will be hosting ~60km rides from Linden Cycles, 3rd Avenue, Linden every Saturday at 7:15am (That's in Johannesburg, South Africa for you foreign lot :)<br /><br />Before you say TEAM RIDERS!!! - we are all subvets who do easy rides on a Saturday morning. The average speed will be the pace of the slowest rider. That said we draw the line at mountain bikes with slicks (training is one thing - getting sun burnt for no reason is another hehehe).<br /><br />For more info phone the Linden Cycles on 011 782 7313 or Darryl (me!) on 082 552 5980<br /><br />I won't be there this Saturday (2 November) as I'll be racing the OFM Classic in Bloem but the other chaps will be there.<br /><br />See you next week! <br /><br /><br /><br />
About the OFM classic ... I've got an entry that I'm not going to use. Does anyone want it?