Mt. Pleasant SC ride? (notify Doug Huffman)

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Carol Cohen

Greetings, fellow east coast benters--

I'll soon be leaving on a trip south, driving with my Toureasy "No Smokin'" in the van. I've already
connected with several Florida benters and look forward to some fun rides (wearing shorts! Hurray!)
in palmetto land.

On the return trip if it's warm enough (over 50 F), I'd like to do one of Doug Huffman's Mt.
Pleasant SC rides, which sound scenic and delightful, as he described them in several posts a
year or 2 ago.

Is there anybody in the area who'd like to join me? Maybe Mr. H. himself? Let me know--

C.C.,Rider 2000 TourEasy travelin' north through SC about Jan. 25
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