Need advice on tt wheels


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Jan 12, 2013
Hi everyone, I got a devinci leo tt frame (carbon fiber) and I it's my first TT bike. I need your advice on buying my wheelset because there's so many choices out there and I dont wanna buy anything overpriced, I am not a professional and not rich either. My budget is around 400$ for my wheelset so carbon may not be an option for me. I will practice AND race with this set of wheel, so I need something strong and durable and I know i'll have to sacrifice some weight if I don't want to spend alot. Waiting for your suggestions, i spotted a pair of campagnolo zonda 2-way (tubeless) for 400$.. good deal but I really don't know!

Sorry if my english is not so good, second language.


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Oct 3, 2006
The Campy Zonda's are very nice wheels but they're not very aerodynamic and not the greatest choice for a time trial bike. I'd look for something at least 30mm if not 35mm to 40mm deep. Good bets are used HED Trispoke wheels which can sometimes be found at bargain prices or American Classic 420s with their 38mm deep alloy rims. If you live in the states I'll give you a screaming deal on a pair of those but I'd guess that international shipping would kill the deal. PM me if you live in a place where shipping wouldn't be crazy and want to see some photos.

But basically look for the deepest set of rims you can afford and if it's legal where you intend to race think about a wheel cover for the rear wheel (it is legal in the US but not in a lot of countries racing under strict UCI rules). Used HED Alps are often a good deal, as are many other good deep wheelsets.