Need advice trek 820 vs rockrider st520


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Jul 18, 2020
hi for all new in this forum need advice i want to learn ride bicycle how to start i need to buy bicycle to learn but which is good trek 820 vs rockrider st520 or other choices thanks for all.
STAY AWAY from any bike less than $800 that has a suspension fork, they will be poorly made, they will break, they are very heavy, they do not respond fast, and they take your energy your using to pedal the bike forward and absorb it into the shock so the bike will feel sluggish. And when the darn thing breaks it will cost more to replace it than the bike was new! Look, the only reason you would want a bike with a suspension fork is if you plan on doing some downhill racing, and you would not want to do that on those bikes if you want the bike to last more than a day!

I use to live in California, I road the mountain trails on a non suspended mountain bike, which I don't think they make those anymore, and I never had any problems, your arms and legs should be bent and your butt off the seat to absorb the rough stuff.

So you need to look at perhaps hybrid bikes that DO NOT come with suspension forks, some come with suspension forks so don't bother to look at those at your price range.

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of options at your price, you'll need to shop around. The only option I could find ina quick search is the Motobecane Cafe Latte but due to the world wide bike shortage that might be difficult to find as will be a lot of bikes. You can also try this site and see what they have in stock: Even Bikes Direct is sold out on almost all of their bikes with delays till at least Sept and stretching beyond that for certain models.