Need help deciding!! Have 2 DA bikes or 1 with Super Record 11??


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Jul 19, 2004
[COLOR= black][SIZE= 10pt]So last month my frame cracked on my Cervelo R3, so I took it down to the LBS and they gave me the warranty no problem, I went with a new 2011 S2 frame, didn't like the geometry on the new R3's... So for the time being I took my DA 7800 group and built up a carbon Fuji Team Pro frame that i had in the house. With intent of selling the Fuji to buy all new Super Record 11 for my S2. But I've been riding the Fuji to work and I forgot how nice that frame really was... So now I'm considering keeping the Fuji for commuting (i have to leave my bike outside at work) and weekend rides ( especially when we chain the bikes to a tree outside the bar) but the down side is that if I don't sell it I'll have to settle for DA 7900 on my S2. I'm racing the whole NM road series next year and I'm doing it on the S2 for sure.. I'm worried that logging most of my miles on the Fuji will hurt me when I race the S2 (the Fuji has a much less aggressive geometry). Plus I've always wanted Campy, my dad rode nothing but campy, and I'm Italian, so naturally I should be on Campy... What would you guys do?[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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Dec 14, 2006
I am not really qualified to answer this because I don't know how sweet your Fuji rides. But if you really love your Fuji, then go with the DA for now and then save for an upgrade to Super Record at a later date. Just for the record, I would not leave an S2 with Campy Super Record chained to a tree outside a bar or at work for that matter. As for riding the S2 versus riding the Fuji, if you are riding competitively, you need to train on either the bike that you are going to race on (preferred) or one that has a similar geometry. Riding the Fuji is OK for building up endurance and speed as those will translate well to your S2, but riding pace lines and in groups should be done on your S2 just so that you are used to it and can react appropriately during the race.


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
Why would riding a the Fuji ruin your ability to ride another bike? I use to race and had a race bike and training bike and they didn't effect my ability to ride one or the other.

Personally I would keep both bikes and save for the Record group. BUT, I would be a bit leery of riding the Fuji to work since it's a nice bike being parked outside a bar all night where someone could steal it. Any lock can be defeated...ANY LOCK!! I would find a cheap $50 to $100 dollar used bike and ride that to work unless you have a bouncer watching it all night.