Need help with technique



Hi,<br /><br />I want to learn how to sit up and balance on the roadbike without my hands on the handlebars. I guess my balance isn't good because I cannot do it. Any helpful hints?
Get yourself some elbow and knee pads. ;D<br />No matter how good your balance is, if your bike is not &quot;stable&quot;, then your'e going to battle. Start by pushing your bike holding onto the saddle. Control the direction of the front wheel with the saddle. You should be able to push your bike in a straight line with no real effort. This will give you the feeling of the bike.<br />Once on the bike, start by taking only one hand of the handlebars. That should be easy. Practice both sides.<br />Put your hands on the top of the handlebars, and let your fingers go, steering the bike with your palms. Position on the bike is crucial. Your weight should be more to the rear of the bike, so don't sit or lean forward. Sit up straight and maintain a moderate pace (not too slow, and obviously, not too fast). By slowly releasing the pressure off your hands on the handlebar, you should be able to do most of the steering by making small adjustments with your body weight using your hips.<br />Practice makes perfect. Good luck!
You also need to be going quite fast. Find somewhere very smooth to learn no hands. After a while you'll get realy good and will eventualy be able to chnage clothes, bunny hop and ride standing up all with no hands on the handle bars!<br /><br /> 8)<br /><br />
It could also depend on the bike you're riding. <br /><br />If the frame is tweaked (misaligned) or the trail <br />is too short, it can be more difficult (or sometimes <br />impossible!) <br /><br />For example, my old Spec. Allez bike made it difficult <br />to ride no hands - made for crits, fast steering, short <br />wheelbase. <br /><br />(Generally, 5.6-5.9 cm of trail is good for a road bike.)<br /><br />Of course, you could be talking of doing a no-hands <br />track-stand....