New bike - first thoughts


Colin Reed

After a bit of dithering, and knowing that I wanted a fairly budget priced
hybrid, I plumped for the Reflex Eclipse on special offer through Amazon.

First thoughts are - it was a very easy assemble, bike is nice and light,
gear changes much smoother than the tank of an Apollo that I've had for
years, and that I'm probably going to enjoy it lots! It even came with a
nice Selle Royale saddle, although it's a bit soft and I'll probably swap it
for the harder Selle Royale one off my old bike.
I can't commute to work by bike as I do a sales job that requires driving
many miles, so my cycling is generally evening and weekend recreation and
shopping trips. I'm sure that this will more than cope with the demands
that I put on it, and I'm sure I'll make more time for riding now I have a
new bike.

Birthday tomorrow, so I'm just generally spoiling myself :)