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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by The Baker-Beall, Mar 18, 2003.

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  1. After 15 months my tyres are beginning to go home so its time for some new ones. I've used Vittoria
    Rubino Pro Intrepid TT 23mm and I've got on fine with them (thanks to Pete Biggs for the initial
    steer). However I have no means of comparison as to whether I should get the same again, upgrade to
    a Corsa TT or consider some other brand. Has anyone changed to or from these tyres got any helpful
    comments to make? Usage is day rides plus short audax (100-200k) and I may do a time trial this
    summer and a duathlon in the autumn. Thanks Julia (cross-posted to

  2. Joe Santos

    Joe Santos Guest

    I have become a big proponent of Michelin tires in the last couple of years. Their quality is top
    notch and their tires perform as stated. For your light audax riding, I can suggest two, the
    Michilin Axial Carbon and the Michelin Erilium. The Axial Carbon is a kevlar beaded (folding) tire,
    with a smooth tread. Michelin uses a higher density of carbon in the tread of this tire for
    increased mileage and increased puncture resistance. This is a relatively lightweight tire with good
    sidewall protection. The Michelin Erilium is a wire beaded (non-folding) tire with a kevlar belt
    under the tread. I've found this to add considerable flat protection. The tread is a very small,
    lentil shaped pattern. This tire rolls a little bit slower, but is still responsive and supple for a
    belted tire. This is not a great tire for time trials, but I do have many customers training for
    Paris-Brest-Paris and their tire of choice has become the Erilium (formerly known as the Michelin
    Axial Kevlar).

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