New Year's ride reports? Did you?

Discussion in 'Power Training' started by NomadVW, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Aug 12, 2005
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    Got on the bike at right around 1pm. In Japan, most of the folks celebrate the new year with a trip to "someplace" - whether a shrine, the top of a mountain, or the like. I figured I'd bring in the new year with a run up my favorite mountain to despise - Zenitsuboyama - 7.8km, avg grade 7%ish.


    For the Nov 26th race that was supposed to go up that mountain, my goal was to get under a 30 minute climb. My best so far had been just under 31 minutes. The race was cancelled due to weather but I went up the mountain anyway later that day and got it done in 29 min 54 secs.

    Ride stats for November 26th: Avg Power 323. Pnorm 339. I planned a peak for that event and it hurt like heck, but I made my goal of breaking the 30 minute mark.

    Today I actually debated how hard I was going to go up the mountain as I neared its base. I knew I could sorta motor up it. I hadn't changed my cassette last night, so I was stuck going up in a 12x23 (standard 52x39 in the front). I got to the bottom of the climb and figured - what they heck.

    I climbed the first segment pretty comfortably and would look down at the power meter thinking - I should back off, or I'm gonna be in trouble in 5 km. But the legs were telling me they were feeling good so just keep going. I descended the small section before the climb goes to the top and once the road turned uphill at 14%, I started to feel it. With the 12x23 I was on my feet for most of the climb from here until it levels off around the 4.4km mark on the profile.

    On my previous pacing chart I should have done right at threshold wattage (320) from the time it tipped uphill at 2.4 km to the 6.5km spot where it tips up at 15% for the last 800 meters. Today... 348.

    I passed some children as I started the last 800 meters of pain. They were on top of the mountain to fly kites as part of the celebration of new years. They cheered for me briefly - I think they saw the pain on my face. The last 800 meters was a 376 watt push to the top.

    Overall for todays climb:
    Time: 28 min 51 sec (1 minute and 5 seconds faster than my previous PB)
    Average Watts: 351
    Pnorm: 362
    ATL: 128.7
    CTL: 111.8
    TSB: -17.2

    I'm debating if I should shift my FTP based on these numbers. It would be a 10 point increase if I took the .95 x 351. I definitely didn't plan a "peak" for today, and I honestly didn't really expect one.

    Things that make you go hmmmm.....

    Hope you all had as good a ride as I did!


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    Did some hills too in Sydneys Royal National Park (RNP). Crused along, stopped to buy something to eat, checked on a fellow cyclist who flatted, etc etc. 4 hours all up including stops. A nice way to start the new year.