Newbie questions and hello


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Apr 28, 2006
Hi there all.

I'm new here and to cycling. Well i rode as a kid right up until i went to uni - used to use my bike to go to school, go to work after school and to do my paper round on in the morning. Took my bike to uni and got it pinched, i did replace it but my replacement got vandalised so i've not cycled in about 4 or 5 years.

I'm looking to cycle daily if i can, for fitness and fun, and was wondering what sort of time/speed/distance people would recommend for a semi-n00b. I have mild Scoliosis and that has led to Chondromalacia in my knees so i'm looking for low-ish impact exercise that can strengthen my knees and thighs (which are weak because of my back).
I've bought a Carrera Subway 1 because i'll mostly be riding on roads or canal path style cycle routes and a mountain bike seemed to be excessive for this.
I'd like to use it for fitness but also as a functional vehicle, for example to go grocery shopping, what recommendations to people have re panniers and that sort of thing?

many thanks.



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Dec 23, 2005
Durham has some fun hills to cycle up and down! When i started I just did what was comfy, generally 5 miles most days but then up to 10/20 miles of an evening for a ride out and longer on weekends when i got the time!
10 miles a day tends to keep me healthy but not super fit if it has some nice hills in to tackle.
Regards panniers, if your only after days out and not up for spending too much money I recomend cheapies from argos, mine were £12 and do the job with plastic bags as liners in bad weather ... not high tech and fancy but riding for me is about fun without spending mad amounts!? Happy riding :)