Performance Bike Or Endurance Bike


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Apr 5, 2015
Hi all,

I am upgrading my current bike and am torn between two bikes, Specialized Tarmac and Trek Silque. (I am a woman.)

Comparing these two bikes is like comparing apples to oranges and I really like them both. How does one decide? I am planning on spending $4-6K on this bike and want to make the best decision.

I put 100-150 miles on my bike per week. I live in a high altitude region and love climbing. I don't race but I want to be able to keep up with the group and also be comfortable on long (65-80 mile) rides. I do one or two centuries per year and, in the past, have just been happy to finish. I'm looking forward to finishing BETTER.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!
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If the Trek Silque can handle 28mm wide tires, I would be inclined to buy that despite my lack of fondness for the Trek BB90 bottom bracket. Supple 28mm tires are faster and more comfortable than 25 or 23mm tires. Good 28mm tires are not much heavier either. You could run the 28mm at 70 psi and they would have lower rolling resistenec than the 23mm at 110psi with probably twice the comfort.

Did you test ride either of them?
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No test ride yet but will have the opportunity to ride both bikes next month. I will get to take the Tarmac out. The Silque I will get to ride only around the bike shop's parking lot. Two different bike shops.

Thanks for your input!
Why is your Specialized dealer showing you the Tarmac and not the Amira and Ruby? Putting you on a Tarmac will most likely mean adapting it for a woman--swapping stem, handlebars, and saddle. The Amira is a women's performance bike, and the Ruby will be like Specialized's take on the Silque concept.
That's a good question and one that I can't answer but will ask next time I'm in the shop. Thanks!
How's your flexibility?

It sounds to me like you want a "performance" road bike rather than the relaxed geometry "endurance" type, not that there is anything wrong with either.

If we're talking trek and specialized you want a Specialized Amira or a Trek Emonda (they make several "WSD" versions like the The Emonda SL6 WSD. As long as you have decent flexibility I would think either would give the performance you desire and you should be more than comfortable.

If you go the endurance route then the Trek Silque or the Specialized Ruby is what you are after.
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Agree with ABN. It sounds like you want to go with a performance oriented bike.

"love climbing"..."I want to be able to keep up with the group..."I'm looking forward to finishing BETTER"

Most of what we call 'comfort' is found in a really good fit and the result of being well trained/fit. Your post reads like you well on the way to the fitness part of that equation.
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Excellent advice and just what I needed to read!

My flexibility is good and I am pretty fit.

Thanks so much!!
Go with the performance bike. As CampyBob mentioned, you can tweak the fit and ride comfortably. One of the most comfortable rides I had was a Trek Madone, which, unfortunately, lost an argument with the front end of a Lexus SUV piloted by an idiot. WSD bikes were designed for the "typical" woman's body. It's not a one-design-fits-all thing. Your own particular body shape may make a men's frame a better choice--that's why a good shop and fitter is important.
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Sorry about your Madone! But thanks for your advice.

I'm going to a big (for my area, Santa Fe) bike shop on Saturday and can't wait to try out some different bikes! This group has really helped answer some important basic questions for me. THANK YOU, ALL!

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