Pets in tow


Jan 8, 2016
Doesn't it feel great to know that you can pedal leisurely down the road with your pets either running along side of you or in a basket? Have you ever had a close call with a pet on a leash though? I want to try this soon, that's why I'm asking. Where do you travel to with your pets? What do you guys do together?
My parents' Pom fit on the basket of my old dutch bike. I'd occasionally take him for a ride on the bicycle path, he seemed to quite enjoy it (as he wasn't supposed to do any walking, lol, he's a lazy bum). We (SO & I) recently adopted a stray dog but he's too big to fit in a basket and carry around. He seems to like running alongside our bikes on our street but hasn't quite mastered the technique and usually crosses in front of our bikes scaring the **** out of us. I hope it's just a matter of creating the habit and soon we'll be able to take short trips with him to give him a better exercise than a walk.

I think it depends on your furry friend's level or energy and temper, whether to carry him around or let him run alongside. The Pom is so mellow he wouldn't even move from the basket, never attempted to jump from it (even as a puppy), but my new friend is way too hyperactive to be trust to stay in a basket, even if we found one he fitted into lol.
I think there is some potential to be able to walk a larger dog alongside your bike, but I always feel sorry for smaller animals when it looks as though they're being dragged along by their neck. I think it's dangerous as they could get hurt. But if you are just going for a leisurely ride, like to the shops, it isn't so bad - but I would never want to take an animal on any kind of serious ride, to be honest.
Your Pommie sounds sooo cute. He's a little couch potato isn't he? Haha. I'm sure he'll learn to stay away from any moving tires. I'd give it like three walks like that and if he doesn't approve, I'd start trying to train him. Someway.

Don't worry, you'll never see me dragging dogs or any animals for that matter. Too bad I can't say the same for everyone.
I must admit, I've never brought my pet along with me when I've been out cycling and ice never seen others do either over here in the UK.

The only time I've seen that is in movies if I'm being honest, or TV shows. You mean that people actually do that?
It seems so. As long as you're in a safe area and not pedaling too fast your furry friend should be okay.
While it might be 'a thing' I'm still not convinced I'll be joining in with the idea to be honest.

I don't think I'd look right riding my bike with a dog attached to the handlebars and I get enough funny looks as it is without anything else adding to it!
I wouldn't care what people think. If you like you like it. Why do you think they look at you funny? Because you're exercising and they are lazy or something?
I don't have pets that need walks and stuff. I'm a fish and bird type of person. I did see someone riding with his dog one day though, thought that was cool.
It's nice but always do this on a wide space like in a park where you can control your speed and you won't get dragged if your dog is large and would not cause harm to you, your pet, or to other people in the area.Personally, I prefer not to drag them along during bike rides since it's inconvenient than just walking with them and biking only when I'm alone.
Well, I don't do that. Much better to walk with your pets. Sometimes If I do biking, as long as I can, I want in full speed, and other thing also, my dog is big enough and it's possible to cause an accident if he runs away to chase the other dogs.
We have cute little puppies and a dog, but I haven't tried taking them with me while biking. Honestly, it did not come up on my mind to take them with me and now I think I won't going to take them on a ride because our puppies are so naughty and very energetic. I'm afraid that I couldn't handle them well while we are on a ride and I might lose them. I don't want to happen that, I love them very much so I guess it is better that they're at home waiting for me to take them on a walk instead.
I am a biker and also a dog lover but I had never brought along our dogs when I ride. Over here, pet lovers are excessive when it comes to being kind to animals. There was a news report on tv some years about a guy riding a motorcycle with his dog in tow. That was considered being cruel. I don't know if the guy went to jail. When I want to bring my dog to our village park, I let them walk on a leash.