Photography, help me out here, post a few pics

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
I enjoy photography as well. One thing a person can enjoy while practicing social distancing ha ha!

Please post a pic and a description or story of what the pic means to you. Whether it be a purpose or just downright fun entertainment.

I took this pic the other night, a rainy night. I was told this busy was dead, a goner but with a little TLC, I brought it back to life. Mom said it hadn't produced roses for a couple of years. Ugly rotted looking trunk I thought it might be true. But me, always thinking one can cure oneself with a little good practice and exercise, get some life into that body type person, I gave it a try. Watered it, some aphid protection and care, some rose food and a little TLC, the bush came back to life. Beautiful thick green leaves, beautiful rose buds, several came to life over the last week.

This was my Dad's rose bush and favorite color rose he planted by the front door. He passed away 19 month ago so now caring for my legally blind 81 year old mother (her birthday is today) I fixed a ton of things in this old house. I was raised here since I was 3 months old and spent years of my teenage years doing construction to take this sucker from a 13,000 sq ft house to a 24,000 sq ft two story home. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into building this house.

So to come home after nearly 40 years to help Mom, it is like this place is my reward for all the suffering I spent building it ha ha!

So fixing literally over 100 things since I came back home, starting the day I moved back with things like water faucet hoses, patching holes, fixing leaks, the yard, painting the bottom level, scrubbing grout and tile floors, nobody can take care of your house like you can!

So getting their rose bushes back to life with a little TLC was sweet. The bushes that didn't produce roses for years are now producing fine looking growth.

One rainy night, the front roses really came out. I got my camera and took a few pics of the flowers that had come back to life. Rainy night, rain on the petals and ready to be picked so Mom could take them to Dad's grave sight. She did pick them and took them to the veteran's cemetery a couple days after the pic when it stopped raining. This one along with others and some really nice rose buds. Plus a few pink roses from Mom's bush in the back yard.

To me, just a sign that there is still good in this world while others are going crazy running wild and out of control making a this world a terrible place for others. There are still some of us who look for the good things in life!