Problems mounting Michelin Krylion 700x23 tires.


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May 3, 2009
I just got a new set of tires, Michelin Krylions (700x23). I am having a really hard time getting them on the wheels. Any suggestions?

I did the standard put one edge of the tire on the wheel, put the tube in and then work around and pop the other edge of the tire on the wheel. I unfortunately am stuck at about 7-8 inches that I cannot get on the wheel.

By the way, I am trying ot put them on Mavic CXP-22's
yeah it happens sometimes... if your thumbs are not strong enough to push in the last bit, try helping yourself carefully with your tyre levers, paying special atention not to pinch and damaging the tube. Eventually you would need to ask for help at the LBS, good news is that these things happen only on a new tyre, second time around it would became easier.
Sometimes with new tires that are really tight like those, I'll put the tires on the wheels once without the tubes using my tire levers. I'm not very careful, I stretch them out pretty good using a couple of levers to pop that last section over the rim.

Then I'll pull one side of the tire back off the rim and install the tubes. I can usually get them on with just my thumbs, or with very minimal prying with a single tire lever then.

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