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    > Raoul Duke wrote:
    >> Not everyone who is deaf has been so their entire life. Should only
    >> those who have been deaf their entire lives be allowed to ride or drive?
    >> Don't you see how silly this is? Hearing is not necessary to safely ride
    >> a bike.

    > I think this is probably true.
    > You don't really need to hear in your automobile. Some may
    > not be able to hear with the music cranked up so the bass notes
    > are audible to those miles ahead.
    > I don't listen to music when I ride. Primarily as I regard it
    > as a distraction. Might as well be in a car or on a bus.
    > But since people in cars by-and-large are not being overtaken
    > by those behind them, and bicyclists are, it surely doesn't hurt
    > to add auditory inputs to your pedaling repertoire while out on
    > the road.


    Most of us who ride recumbents will have a rear view mirror attached to our
    eye glasses or our helmets. I NEVER get on any kind of a bike without a rear
    view mirror. I resort to it about every 5 seconds or so to see what is
    coming behind me. It is royal pain in the neck to have to be turn your head
    about to see what is behind you, but it is especially difficult to do that
    on a recumbent. I regard any recumbent cyclist who goes riding without some
    kind of rear view mirror as a total idiot.


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