Re: Where the cyclists in America belong: back alleys, gutters and sidewalks


Gunner Asch

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 04:19:50 -0500, "Edward Dolan" <[email protected]>

>> And everyone who has ever drivin a motor vehicle around bike riders
>> has had the bike riders bully them.

>I have never seen that - ever! Some cyclists are stupid as hell and
>therefore do stupid things, but a cyclist is no match for anyone driving a
>motor vehicle.

As retarded and arrogant as you have shown yourself to be, your denial
is observed with amused contempt.

A cyclist is no match for a motor vehicle. Gee Edtard..Im glad we
finally agree on something.

Best keep it in mind, and pass it along to your fellow riders..or
potential organ donors as it were.


"[L]iberals are afraid to state what they truly believe in, for to do so
would result in even less votes than they currently receive. Their
methodology is to lie about their real agenda in the hopes of regaining
power, at which point they will do whatever they damn well please. The
problem is they have concealed and obfuscated for so long that, as a group,
they themselves are no longer sure of their goals. They are a collection of
wild-eyed splinter groups, all holding a grab-bag of dreams and wishes. Some
want a Socialist, secular-humanist state, others the repeal of the Second
Amendment. Some want same sex/different species marriage, others want voting
rights for trees, fish, coal and bugs. Some want cradle to grave care and
complete subservience to the government nanny state, others want a culture
that walks in lockstep and speaks only with intonations of political
correctness. I view the American liberals in much the same way I view the
competing factions of Islamic
fundamentalists. The latter hate each other to the core, and only join
forces to attack the US or Israel. The former hate themselves to the core,
and only join forces to attack George Bush and conservatives." --Ron Marr

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