Recumbent Cycling Rides in Ventura County California

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  1. Hey guys -

    I always feel that I should offer at least a half-hearted
    apology when I initiate one of these messages of primarily
    regional interest to a global newsgroup, but here I am
    again, this time pinging all three of the most active
    recumbent cycling forums on the internet in rapid
    succession. Anyway, it still seems to be one of the most
    effective ways to reach a few more folks in our small corner
    of the world who might appreciate the information. For the
    rest of you, thanks for your patience and tolerance.

    Most folks in the various SoCal laidback biking communities
    are aware that there has been an active recumbent bicycle
    and tricycle group in coastal Ventura County for quite some
    time now, with regular rides twice a month, and many of you
    may also know that there have been some big changes in our
    local cycling business and social environments lately. Yet,
    through it all, our VC recumbent rides are not only
    continuing without interruption, we'd like to think they are
    also expanding and improving a bit. For more details on
    these rides, please go to the following information page:

    For all of you who live close enough or who even plan to
    visit SoCal this year, we would love to have you or any
    other cyclists you know (hard core, old timer, newby or
    wannabe) join us anytime; neither reservations nor advance
    notice are required, but it's a good idea to phone or email
    one of the group regulars to make sure of the place and time
    for the start.

    If you would like to be notified a week or two in advance of
    all upcoming Ventura County recumbent rides and kept abreast
    of any changes or other pertinent information about this
    series of informal outings, please send an email - with your
    contact information along with whatever you'd like to tell
    us about your cycling interests and/or any suggestions you'd
    like to make - to me:

    [email protected]

    or to John Axen:

    [email protected]

    Please reply to one of these links rather than to this
    entire mail list. We hope to see you riding with our gang
    whenever you can join us!

    Regards, Wayne Leggett 3-2-GO The Trike Store (and new home
    of LoGo Trikes USA) Oxnard CA Phone: 805-302-2379 Email:
    [email protected]