Saddle feedback for gravel


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May 24, 2022
Hi everyone

I'm new here ... and live in Ireland :)

I've recently joined the gravel crowd, having recently bought an ibis Hakka MX.

The saddle tthe custom builder put on the bike (Supacaz Scorch) is too firm for my sharp, narrow sit bones.

I'm a competitive cyclist, so more often that not, I settle onto the front of my saddle, when pushing. The problem with minimalist saddles, for me, occurs when I sit more upright, whether to rest, or climb ... and that's when my sit bones dig in. Since my new bike's geometry is more in the gravel ballpark, I'm likely to be more upright than I used to, esp compared to triathlons! I will be riding a mix of road and gravel, but probably more road for a while.

Given the above, I've narrowed down my choice to the following 3 saddles. I'd appreciate some feedback from folks who may either have tried or currently use them. Thanks.

WTB SL8 Carbon (narrow)
Sella Repente Artax GL
Selle Italia X-LR TI316 Superflow
(I tried adding the URLs, but the forum software complains that they're spammy)

I'd also been considering the Specialized Phenom S-Works, in the same weight category, but I've already sold my left kidney to buy the bike and various other components. Anyone interested in an appendix?

Looking forward to some useful feedback, thanks!