Sciatica nerve injury


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Jul 17, 2002
I just got diagnose of having an minor injury in my spinal vertebrae due to a disc herniation. A nerve called sciatica is being compressed between two of my discs, this is causing a little discomfort in my right leg, specially and unfortunatelly when I'm biking. I am currently in physical therapy and don't like the idea of being unable to cycle. So I gave it a shot last week and the usual pain in my right leg came back just a few minutes after being in the saddle. So, I am figuring out that maybe the lentgh in my stem is not adequate and causing my back to "over-arched". Do you have any advise how to fit my bike a little better with the main of objective of minimize my pain???.
Hi Biktor
Do you mean you have a herniated disc due to an injury? If so how recent is the injury. If your bike position was OK before the injury I would hesitate to change it now. I also have disc damage from an old parachute injury causing pressure on the sciatic nerve in my lower back. I find daily back strengthening exercises, (sit-ups etc), back stretching and powerful anti inflammatories the night before a long ride helps.
Dear Biktor

I actually Broke one of My vertibries Last May and I was 5 center meter Shorter than I was before The injury for about 4 months What I was told to for that is To loads of Hots Baths to Try and Calm down the Nerves in My back as they where very Tender The good Thing is I did not need a Oparation nor did I need to be in a wheelchair I also Got Pains when I went Running and that pain moved down my Back which was No good So I was told to do Loads of swimming and Cycling but when I first did the cycling I also Had Pain going down my Leg so I was told to try and actually Get a 2 Towl and Put in in Boiling water and deep heat and then Place one towl in my back and one towl on the leg where the pain is and Hey presto it worked for me and I am new to cycling but I loved cycling so much I am now training for the Athens Olympics so Do the towl Thing and then tell me what you think, well I hope to hear from you very soon.

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A H Khadra
Thank you Old-T & MD,
- I don't know how old my injury is, neither where it started since I used to run and lift weights. As part of the therapy I stretch and strenght my back muscles and some hot patches are also applied, I've been feeling much better but as I said, I'm afraid I need to lengthen my stem before attempting to ride again to avoid arching my back. I felt a kind of numbness in my right calve every time I ran, and some tightness in my hamstring and buttock (always the right side) when I biked, never felt any pain in my back not even while lifting heavy weights or doing crunches. Did any of you stop pedaling during your recovery period???
I trapped my sciatic nerve when I changed my training pattern - and then favoured my right side to avoid the pain in my left - consequently it took months (9) to get the balance in my body back. Lesson for me was - I should have got some rest and solved the problem first - a few weeks physio and relaxation would have saved me months of trouble down the line - I would probably have returned more invigorated after a break as well.... but then again the temptation to stay in the saddle is often too strong :)
I just finished my second century this week and seemed to have pinched my sciatica nerve, I believe it is due to my choice of seat. Has anyone a suggestion for a bicycle seat that would address this problem?
Back injuries are serious for sure. Your doctor is probably not a rider and deals with all kinds of people, most of whom are probably not riders either.

If you want to ride, you have to heal, but maybe something with your fit is wrong or compounding your problems. Check out these two sites:

Call them up and see what they have to say. They are "fit" specialists. Maybe they can work with you so you can ride without or with less pain.

Hope you heal up soon!!!

Good luck!!!