Sebastian Lukomski memorial ride & service

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    In memory of Sebastian Lukomski, the bicycle messengers (and their friends) of London yesterday,
    27th February 2004, marked the place of their colleague's death with his name. The spot, previously
    a bleak and windswept confluence of iron and tarmac has been turned back to something more human,
    more cared for than mere road surface and pavement. There are flowers to sweeten the atmosphere,
    pictures of Sebastian's face to lighten the road and marks to tell of the love of his friends,
    colleagues, family and lovers for him.

    May he always brighten that place.

    Today, nearly 200 people squeezed into the Polish Church in Islington to hear a memorial service in
    Sebastian's native tongue. We will never forget him, but I and many others were not, and still are
    not, ready to say goodbye. Sebastian is the seventh London bicycle messenger to have died after a
    collision with a HGV (truck).

    May he be the last?