....so I'm thinkin about buying a road bike....



What should I get?

(big question, I know)

I'm 5' 2.5" - going to be fitted by my shop....
goals: increase endurance for mountain biking
price - cheap - but not too cheap
thinking shimano 105 level components.

KHS Flite 700 is quite a nice buy, but does have a boring paint job.


Recommended retail = $1199

Don't know if that's cheap enough though.

Has Shimano 105 and Carbon Fork
Cheap, but not too cheap? Let's see...

Giant OCR3 is a good buy. Compact Alu frame but fitted with Sora tho. Bottom of the range. You might have to upgrade if you want better components.

Trek 2000 WSD. Bike for the ladies. Alu frame and comes with 105/Tiagra mix. Nice choice.

The KHS above...very nice indeed!

Do you get Omega's over there? And what does an intermediate Litespeed go for in the States?
Let's see...

I'd like to spend like $800 :(

I like the Trek WSD but I think they might be too pricey....  I don't know if we have Omegas.  

I have heard good things about the OCRs as well.  My cousin has a KHS she loves..... perhaps... perhaps :)

oh yeah - litespeeds are VERY expensive here :)
Giant OCR3 is nice bike and good value for money I think and fits you budget. If you decide to get one, I would recommend that you upgrade the pedals to clipless ones since it comes with toe clips and straps :)
Well then, may I recommend the KHS Flite 500

It has Shimano Sora components and a Carbon fork asll for just $639 or thereabouts. It also looks a bit better IMO.

I looked up the KHS - they start at 50cm - I went to wrenchscience.com and went through their sizing and by my best "guess," I'd be a 48cm :( I'm too short.

(I will be properly fitted by a shop first).

I think I'm pretty set on 105 components, but that doesn't mean I can't have my shop swap some parts..... I'll keep the GIANT in mind.

Giant OCR3 with Sora = Giant OCR1 with 105.

It's a good bike, I know quite a few people with OCR3s, 2s and 1s and everyone of them are very happy.
Remember that the Giant comes in Small, Medium and Large (small is up to a 50 cm, I think?). A small should fit fine.
MtB Chick...


Don't leave us! Don't turn to the Dark Side!...

MtB Chick...


Don't leave us! Don't turn to the Dark Side!...


it's ok - it's just for after work!

I still hafta MTB all weekend - IAB just got a new bike.
I'm not sure where you live (I'm in Australia), but you couldnt go past something from Giant or Avanti if they are stocked in your local store.

When I recently looked for a road bike for training with Tiagra components, bikes from the above companies were definately the best value. I ended up buying an Avanti Vivace, which I am really happy with, cant be beat for the price IMO.

Good luck with it!
My girlfriend is 5'-2.5" and she searched quite a bit for a road bike. She was switching over from Mtn. bike only also. Something she didn't want was to get in a position too stretched out, due to a long top tube and the lower drop bars. She rode a Cannondale R800, a Giant OCR2 and OCR3 and the Trek 2000 WSD. She did not like the sizing of the Giant at all. She liked the Cannondale OK, and the Trek 2000 WSD was just right. Sounds sort of like the 3 bears story doesn't it? Anyway she has been really putting the miles on the bike and loves it more all the time. One thing to look at regarding price is that the Trek comes with clipless pedals. I don't think the others do. The Trek has a 105 group w/ a Tiagra front derailleur.

As I said she loves it.
I'm so torn. I don't think I want to spend the $$ - plus I'm afraid of cars :(
You're smart to be afraid of the cars. However, it's worth it. As I said my girlfriend was somewhat resistent to the idea of road bikes, but once on it, now she doesn't ride her Mtn. bike much. She's in love w/ the road. Also, don't know where you live, but we are fortunate enough to have easy access to rural areas that offer miles and miles of very light or no car traffic. Just have to watch out for the dogs, and most of them stop with a firm "NO!!!".

I do understand the cost delimma.
I live in an area where to the East is a divided highway and to the West is residential with lots of narrow windy roads - and traffic.

Still debating. I'm afraid to go to my LBS cuz I'm sure I'll love whatever I try ::)
I also live in the same type of area. So, getting on the bike at my front door and taking off, is not feasible. But, it's only 10-15 min. drive to get the bike to a much nicer area. Yes if you start riding these bikes you'll fall in love w/ the road ride. So smooth, so fast and so much fun.

Course I like to Mtn. Bike also.
I think it's gonna be the GIANT :)

OCR 1 - 105 component group.

They are still approx 3 weeks out - don't know if I can wait :)