Some cyclists need to show some respect.

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
One thing that pizzes me off! I'm riding with Gina on Sunday. We pass some dude and he takes our wheel. WE ARE WEARING MASKS AND HE IS NOT!

I actually get tired of riding with my wife and some uninvited cyclist hops on. C'mon man, we're doing our own thing, get lost! I don't know, if a rider goes around me, have fun. I don't feel the need to prove anything by keeping up. Not to mention, I feel like a wimp if I can't do my own work.

That's the way I feel. I have done a ton of organized rides of which I ride alone. If I do a 5.75 hour century, it is because I did it. I don't like the wimpy feeling of saying I did a 5.5 hour century sucking wheel for 100 miles.

But on this day, I am riding with my wife just enjoying our time together. Some dude we pass hops on our wheel and latched on like a maggot. So I look back at him, no mask, no protection, don't know the guy and don't really want him ruining my alone time with my wife.

So I look back and tell the guy,"if you're going to go around, go ahead, I want to ride alone with my wife!".

He says,"it's OK, I'll just stay back here.".

"No you won't go around, I already told you I want to ride alone with my wife!".

Oh, it's OK, I'll just stay back here!

C'mon dude, are you not paying attention to what I'm saying?

I'll just stay back here! :mad::mad::mad:

So I slow way up, move far right and let the guy go. So he passes me and says,"oh, you're going to force me to go ahead? OK!".

I just slowed down and let the moron go ahead. Thankfully he turned off about a mile later.

OK, I don't understand why other cyclists can not respect the wishes of those around them. Few times I have told somebody to drop off our wheel and they won't. Always some argument as to why they shouldn't have to leave us alone. There have been several times that I have had to get nasty with the other guy just to get him the F off my/our wheel.

One time we were riding alone a few days after Gina's Dad passed away. Just a ride to cheer her up, clear her mind, reminisce, and talk a little remembering her Dad.

Some moron hopped on as we passed. He sprinted off after about 1/4 mile then faded, then repeated the sprint. Making a game out of it I guess but we were far from trying to race the guy. Finally I asked the guy to leave us alone as we were out to do our thing. He started to argue explaining why he should be able to draft us.

No dude! GTF out of here before I get nasty, I already told you once and I don't feel I need to explain to you why we want to be alone.

I swear! For one thing, I never invade anyone's space, ride, or invited myself to take a stranger's wheel. So that is a negative in my book right off the bat. Then when someone asks you to leave them be on their own, there is no need to argue or try to explain why they should allow you to interrupt their ride.

Just get lost! I'm sure they told you kindly for a reason. Respect that before things get nasty.:confused:


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May 6, 2020
Some people don't get hints.

Or they join group rides by jumping in and never say, "Hey folks, mind if I tag along?"
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Apr 17, 2005
I never mind if someone jumps on my wheel - I figure it's a free road and a person can ride wherever they want.

Because of that I jump on wheels myself if the opportunity arises - I don't usually stay for long though because if I caught them, then I am going faster so I take off after a brief respite.

But I know jumping on bothers some people, so if I intend to stay some time I let them know I'm there and check that it's ok with them. They always say sure.
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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
His lacking a mask being behind you would not affect you the least bit, because you're in front therefore the wind is passing from you to him, even if he spat real hard at you it would end up smacking him in the face! so vapor from him breathing or coughing or sneezing would have never remotely gotten close to you. In fact having him stay behind you was better than him being in front of you!

But your right the guy was being a bit of jerk. The biggest problem I saw with what the guy did is since you didn't know him you can't trust how he rides, can he stay off of you far enough not to hit you should you have to slow down fast? That would bug me more then the other stuff you mentioned. I see guys do that on group rides, which you all are probably thinking that's fine because it's a group ride, well not in my mind it isn't fine, because a lot of riders have crashes in group rides due to riding too close and inexperience, in fact a lot of crashes take place in category 1 through 4 due to inexperience, and now you're going to tale me on some group ride that we're not even training to be racers? i don't think so!!
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