Spinergy Repair

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Last summer, I noticed my rear Rev X becme delaminated where the carbon fiber joins the aluminum
rim. The delamination occurs for about a 4" radial section.

I'm 160-165 lbs. and ride moderate hills. I noticed some "shimmy" while climbing for several weeks
before visually noticing the failure
- meaining I may have already ridden it for ~200-300 miles while the problem existed.

I have not ridden the wheel since this was noticed. I miss the added speed.

The wheels were purchased new at a local bike shop in '99 and through them, Spinergy has offered me
a discount on either a replacement Non-Rev X type wheel or on a complete wheel-set. Frankly, I'm not
real impressed with their latest wheels.

Seems to me that a good epoxy or better type adhesive could render the wheel usable.

1. Has anyone experienced a similar failure?

2. Has anyone tried such a repair? If yes, what did you use, how, and what were the results?

3. I may choose to use the wheel for a hanging mobile in my den. Before I do that, I want to
exhaust all reasonable possibilities.

- Maybe some suggestions on "mobile designs"? ;-)


Jim [email protected]
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