Steam Games is Awesome!


Jan 28, 2004
Steam is awesome! At first I hated Steam because I thought it was like Gamespy or other services that were an unecessary log in to play games. But now I love Steam for their game sales! But you have to download everything so you'd better have high speed internet! I have 12 Mbps download speed so I was downloading 4 games while watching a Netflix streaming movie! The best thing about buying from Steam - no sales tax!

And then you can backup your downloaded games onto a USB hard drive or whatever. Took me 1/2 a day to backup my 56 Steam games [329 GB]. The biggest problem is that you cannot determine where your games are installed. They all install to the C: drive unless you change or doctor the install path. So my initial 732 GB C: hard drive cannot accept anymore games. I had to buy a 3TB SATA3 hard drive for my next new OS install. Will make the boot drive 2 TB big for lots of games and programs.

How about you? Do you have Steam and how do you like it? I just don't like that you can't play your Steam games if you don't log in or have internet. I have a torrent call "Steam Games Unlocker 1.4" but I don't know what it does.

Here are all the Steam Games I bought and their Sale Prices! I rather have a cheap Steam game than a torrent which you can never patch!

GTA IV Complete Bundle 9.99 USD
Dead Space 4.99 USD
Dead Space 2 + Prima Official Strategy Guide 29.39 USD
Medal of Honor: Airborne 2.50 USD
Medal of Honor Standard WW 14.99 USD
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Standard Edition 6.80 USD
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam 7.49 USD
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 5.00 USD
Singularity 10.20 USD
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 5.00 USD
Awesome deal when it cost $30 in stores!
Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands 6.79 USD
The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom - Gold Edition (NA) 19.99 USD
Very nice game to play, great graphics, and it didn't cost the $50 in stores! I recommend this game!
TrackMania United Forever 10.00 USD
Far Cry Complete 7.49 USD
Has Far Cry 1 & 2. Rebought these because I lost my original disks!
Total War: Shogun 2 33.49 USD
Total War: SHOGUN 2 Brady Guide 15.99 USD
Brothers in Arms Pack 9.99 USD
3 Brothers in Arms games!
Assassin's Creed 6.80 USD
Assassin's Creed II: Deluxe Edition 10.20 USD
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 19.99 USD
I should have waiteed 2 months later for the $27 Assasin's Creed pack of A.C. 1, 2, & 3!
Rainbow Six Vegas 3.39 USD
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 3.39 USD
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 6.79 USD
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 (NCSA) 16.99 USD
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 - Open Skies DLC (NCSA) 3.39 USD
Cities XL 2011 10.00 USD
Nice city simulation, builds better cities than Simcity 4 but you seem to have lots of money.
FEAR Complete Pack (NA) 9.99 USD
Frontlines: Fuel of War (US/AU) 5.00 USD
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY 7.49 USD
Was named Game of the Year 2009 but I never heard of it! Trying it for $7.49 wouldn't hurt!
Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars 6.00 USD
Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath 4.00 USD
Didn't buy C & C 4 because of many bad reviews that it was junk. Not even worth $4
Lara Croft GOL 3.74 USD
Mafia II Digital Deluxe 9.99 USD
Better and cheaper than the Mafia 2 being sold in store for $30! Waited 2 months for this to go on sale!
Mafia 2.49 USD
Mafia II DLC - Greaser 0.74 USD
Mafia II DLC - Jimmys Vendetta 2.49 USD
Mafia II DLC - Renegade 0.74 USD
Mafia II DLC - War Hero 0.74 USD
Mafia II DLC Joe's Adventures 2.49 USD
Mafia II DLC - Vegas 0.74 USD
Empire and Napoleon: Total War - Game of the Year Edition 10.19 USD
Cheap buy compared to $30 at Fry's.
Mass Effect Pack - Summer Sale 2011 19.99 USD
Has Mass Effect 1 aqnd Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Ed with extra content. I don't know why IGN said Mass Effect 2 was the best vg of all time, so I gave this game a try. I torrented it first.
Fallout 3 - Game of the Year 10.19 USD
Played the torrent and got bored of it. Bought this Edition because it had 5 expansion packs that the torrent didn't have.
F1: 2010 10.19 USD
Been waiting to get this cheap!
Just Cause 2 DLC: Black Market Aerial Pack 0.49 USD
JC2 Black Market Boom Pack 0.49 USD
JC2 DLC - Agency Hovercraft 0.25 USD
JC2 DLC - Bull's Eye Assault Rifle 0.25 USD
JC2 DLC - Chevalier Classic 0.25 USD
JC2 DLC - Rico's Signature Gun 0.25 USD
Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Ikko Ikki Clan DLC 2.99 USD
JC2 DL C - Monster Truck 0.25 USD
Grid 10.04 USD
Dirt 2 13.39 USD

I have 69 Steam Games in all. 13 games have yet to be installed and my 732 GB C: drive only has 119 GB left. So if you buy a lot of Steam Games have a very large hd!

If you want a ton of Steam Games for cheap, log in to Steam every day to check for sales. Only buy vg's when they're on sale! Best deals are when they are 66% to 85% off during sale specials! Sometimes they present vg's that you don't know if they're good - so check game reviews and Youtube for game play.

The only games I don't buy are the ones that limit your number of game installs. I bought Wings of Prey and it turned out to be the worst airplane game I had ever bought! - I couldn't control the plane - had terrible flight physics. But worst was it's 4 install limit on activation code.

I was about to buy Test Drive Unlimited 2, but I saw it had a 4 machine install limit. I will not support any more games in the future by any game maker that does this. So I didn't buy the game and I torrented it. Everyone should boycott games that have an install limit.

But sometimes it's better to buy from the store instead of Steam. Like Civ 5 from the store comes with a big fold out map.

I have so many good games from Steam to play and conquer that I can wait for a hot new title to depreciate until it's cheap, - and well patched. By then there also would be free game hint websites on it, - like happened with video hints for Portal 2 when I got stuck.

The game Backup & Restore option should stop the need to redownload games on a new OS install. I will try a Restore when I get my new hd.
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