The Great Tour - Circumnavigate the coast by Bicycle

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    On 3rd July 2010 an intrepid band of cyclists drawn from the worlds of sport, celebrity, charity, politics, science and the arts will gather in Seaton, Devon, to embark on one the Britain’s last great sporting challenges – to circumnavigate the coast by bicycle.

    Keeping the sea to their right for 64 days the riders will never lose the sight, smell or sound of the sea during their epic 6600km pedal for charity.

    The ride will be hosted by well known athletes who will be joined by a wide variety of guests and charity riders to create a colourful and inspirational sporting celebration of the British coastline.

    Thought up by the organisers of the Tour Of Britain, this will be the inaugural Great Tour, which will become an annual charity bike ride.

    Get involved by Joining the Facebook page.

    The Great Tour | Facebook

    Or go to the website to support the cause.

    The Great Tour - Circumnavigate the coast with on the annual charity bike ride

    Here is a map of the route being taken. This is also on the website.