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> IMO, wheel prep on machine-built wheels, including stress-relieving and
> re-tensioning, is part of what I expect from the bike shop as part of
> assembly and setup of the bike. And it's a good way to separate the good
> shops from the bad ones; the bad ones act like they don't know what you're
> talking about (or they really don't, which is just as bad in a different
> way).

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> RichC

I agree the bike shops should be doing that, but then on the other hand,
people often shop around to save just a few bucks on the desired bike. Bike
shops can't do that for nothing. They end up getting what they paid for.

I've been looking for a bike with pretty much the same parameters as
the OP.

Did you consider the Jamis Nova? That is a steel cross bike that is a
bit cheaper than
the Quest (but more than the Volpe) with the 105 group. Would take
fenders and wider
tires. I was considering it but could not find a good Jamis dealer
near me.

The local shop I like carries Bianchi and I am leaning toward the
Volpe. About my only
complaint with it is the color, which seems to have been chosen to
the chances of the bike being stolen. (OTOH some people apparently like
it). If I get it
I will swap for a 12-25 cassette and 25 or 28 mm road tires.


> What alternatives would you consider?
Thanks for everyone who responded. It helped to sort some things out. I
spent nearly all day in bike shops today, trying various bikes, talking
to different people. I did end up with the Quest bike. The LeMond had a
longer top bar that required a little more reach than others. The
Specialized was a close 2nd to the Jamis. The Jamis has everything I
need and it's a very good ride to me. There may be better bikes that I
haven't tried, but I'm happy with this one.

Thanks again,
On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 19:40:55 -0400, "Randy W. Sims"
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>, but I'm happy with this one.
>Thanks again,

And, that is all that matters. Enjoy your new bike.

Life is Good!

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