Trek 2300 2002 vs 2003 model differences


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Apr 23, 2003
Does anyone know of any differences between the Trek 2300 2002 model and 2003 model, except the colour? A local bike shop has offered me the 2002 model for abt $650 less. I have searched the net and can't seem to see any major differences. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?
i don't know what the difference are (if any) but its quite normal for last years bikes to be heavily discounted around this time of year as the shops try to get rid of them

in fact i know a lot of people that find the bike they want and then wait until the new model comes out before they go buy it.

Instant discount!!

so yeah i'd say if you can't see any difference but the colour go for it!!

and of course even if something minor is different $650 will go a long way to fixing it
I did the same on line comparisons, checked a lot of reviews and could not find any differences, so I bought a 2002 model 2300 double chainring for about $400 less than the 2003 model list price. Love the bike so far (~150 miles) and am not looking back on my decision. Next need to upgrade the saddle.