Trying to make it as a Professional Cyclist in Belgium...

Jake Martin

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Nov 17, 2012
Hi everyone, I'm racing in Belgium for a good level team in 2013. I've started a blog that'll be updated regularly with race reports and general stories from Europe! If anyone wants to know the ins and outs of trying to make it as a pro cyclist abroad, this is the place for you!!
Happy Reading.

Jake Martin

Also added a page with results and some other pointless numbers too!! :)
what is the team providing you ? housing ? equipment ? anything else ?
I'm staying in the team house in Ghent. All kit is given bike is being sourced from elsewhere!! Nothing else, maybe some food ha!
I'm staying in the team farmhouse in Ghent, food and all that stuff is provided for. Equipment and race entries are provided for, but my bike is being sourced from elsewhere!!
thats good enough, i also saw your great palmares in britain, so ill be following your results in the link provided, so, until march 2013 !
OK, I had to re-read your posts a few times due to this seems like you are nothing more then a bragger at first. But if that is or is not the case doesn't matter. A lot of feeling and translation gets lost on forums. So I've the the benefit of the doubt and just say I wish you the best of luck and I would like to hear a little more about you and how you got started and how you got to the point you are at. I think the back history helps me and maybe some other people not have the impression that you are just here to brag.

Welcome to the forums btw...

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