Tubless Wheel/Tire questions

Powerful Pete said:
This one I do not understand. Why would that be the case? :confused:

Because you usually run 'sealant' in them. It's not absolutely necessary in the DA system. Small item penetrates the tire carcass, sealant goes out of the hole and seals it. You can have this in tube systems as well, but I've never had much success with it to be honest (other than the Tufo stuff in Tufo tubs).

Ultimately the only thing stopping me converting more wheels to it, is:

a) Racing crits I find the lower pressure a bit 'squirrely' for want of a better word. Maybe it's all in my head but I don't feel as confident or stable high speed cornering on a technical circuit on them. So for crits, clinchers (or tubs on my carbons it is).

b) No tire selection. There's one readily available product. And for people here in Australia, readily available = ordering over the internet from biketiresdirect. IRC has got some up on their japanese website (looks like the english one has got a squatter on it):


but i haven't seen any of these online for purchase.