Ultegra front derailleur - r8000 question


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Mar 12, 2016
After 17 years with Campy I'm slowly doing some upgrades , both for the bike and clothing including shoes for myself - I'm comfortable taking the bike to the local LBS for the big stuff like headset and BB including crankset but like to learn how to do some of the other things myself , for example adjusting the derailleurs and the brakes - my latest upgrade is to Ultegra for derailleurs, brakes , and crankset .

The basics of the front derailleur are still the same , i.e. H & L adjustments and anchoring the cable with a pinch bolt but after watching an online video it looks a little more complicated than it did years ago - now on the R8000 it looks like the last inch or so of the cable is wrapped around some hardware and use of a 2mm hex key is used to activate the pinching mechanism - this is also an important step when re-setting the barrel adjuster .

Was wondering if someone could recommend a book with some diagrams that show how these final steps in adjusting the front derailleur are done on the R-8000 .

Thanks in advance for any replies and thoughts on this .

We today have the convenience of YouTube, and on YouTube you can find videos on how to do anything including how to make derailleur adjustments on any model of derailleur you have.

Here is the video on your derailleur:
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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3_EU4cccW4

If you search on YouTube you'll find a few others for this same derailleur.

This is the best thing about the internet, you can find how to repair stuff.

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