Vision R40 LWB front fork too small for studded tires

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Markku Poysti

I have been trying to fit a Nokian studded tire (57-406) + v-brakes + fender + steering linkage to a
2-3 year old Vision front fork, and have the following problems:

1. There is not enough room for the fender. This could be resolved by hammering a metal fender long
enough to have exactly the correct shape...

2. The v-brakes don't fit well. Moving all washers to "outer side" of the pad was the only way to
get the pads were they should be. The pads have to be moved as low as possible. It seems that the
break attachment things are too high in the fork. Also the distance between the bolts is only 68
mm, is it too narrow for MTB v-brakes?

The newest model of Vision seems to have slightly different fork. What has changed? I'm talking
about the non-suspended fork.

Luckily the winter is soon over and i can go back to summer tires...

Pictures of the studded tire project:
Not open for further replies.