What a fitness ride looks like

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    What a Fitness Ride Looks Like

    As with any riding, this will vary from rider to rider. While cycling, the heart rate will be at a perceived exertion of somewhat hard to hard—an effort that feels hard but that you can maintain. If you’ve already got a solid athletic base, your first ride will be longer than if you’re starting out fresh. Fitness riding is defined by the amount of time spent on the bike combined with the effort at which you’re riding. Usually, this type of rider will spend a minimum of an hour riding, working up to an average of an hour-and-a-half to more than 3 hours per ride, between 2 and 5 days a week.

    This can be quite a time commitment, but it’s also a great excuse to get away from the hurly-burly of our chaotic, plugged-in lives. This will also likely help you explore the place you live. You’ll be branching out to the undiscovered, quiet, low-traffic roads surrounding you. There will be new places you’ve never seen and places you’ve seen that you’ll observe in an entirely different light.
    These rides usually take you outside of the city or on designated bike paths. If you’re lucky enough to live in a more rural area, you can roll out from your door and spend less time stopping and starting at the stoplights that get you out of town.
    Actual mileage will depend a lot on how to fit you are, and even then how fast you are. Women often ride 2 to 3 miles per hour slower than men, even on their best days. So a 2-hour ride might take her 30 miles, while a man might be able to go closer to 40 miles. It all depends on the rider. Terrain and weather conditions will make a difference, too. A flat route might seem easier than a hilly one, but flat routes are also typically windier and not necessarily faster. In any case, most cyclists like to mix up their terrain.



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